About OFMA


It is the mission of the Ohio Floodplain Management Association (OFMA) to promote sound and effective Floodplain Management.


    • To encourage managing Ohio’s floodplain systems to reduce flood losses and promote the natural function of the floodplain system.

    • To promote public awareness of proper floodplain management.

    • To support the professional development and educational opportunities for those interested in floodplain management.

    • To facilitate cooperation and the exchange of information among individuals, private, local, state and federal agencies on floodplain management issues.

    • To encourage and support research and legislation pertinent to the effective implementation of floodplain management


    • Develop a sustainable membership

    • Provide quality educational opportunities for floodplain management professionals

    • Address the core purpose of the organization through Strategic Plan, Mission, and Vision Updates

    • Develop a legislative agenda and policy support for good floodplain management

    • Develop and strengthen collaborative partnerships


The Ohio Floodplain Management Association (OFMA) was founded in 1995 as a Division of the Water Management Association of Ohio (WMAO). Initially, OFMA decided that WMAO’s administrative framework, broad membership and mutual goals for improved water resource management would be a beneficial partnership. Professionals interested in and responsible for floodplain management in the State of Ohio have led the organization. OFMA originally promoted interest in floodplain management around the state, and has expanded its message to support sound, effective floodplain management. The organization’s progress has been from one of simple awareness to a call for active involvement. The earliest activities centered on education, awareness and networking forums. OFMA's main focus from the beginning has been the local floodplain manager and their needs. Balancing this priority with the other partners and players who influence floodplain use and development has been a driving force in the associations agenda. Growth each year has continued, and currently OFMA is one of the largest divisions in WMAO.